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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rockin' in a Winter Wonderland

 For the past 10 years or so, I have been making mixes of eclectic music that I listen to over the course of the year.  I used to have rules for this, like no same artist could be repeated year-to-year or all songs had to be modern.  I have thrown out those rules, and now I just go for putting together an array of songs that tell a story.

A story of what's happening in my life and perhaps the world at large. Hopefully, the emotions and thoughts gained from each song have some similarities which forms a connection between us.  As you listen, I listen, and others listen.  We form similar pictures and thoughts in our head while also composing our own poem.

 I look at my mixes like art, so I wanted to share this year's collection with the world.  You can download these songs yourself and you'll have my mix in your hot little hand.  I usually give out my mixes as I see friends, new and old, throughout the year.  I expose friends to, what is hopefully, new and intriguing sounds while connecting people together through music.  I hope you enjoy this year's special collection.

   Rafi's Holiday Mix CD- 2012

1) This is a Test: Y-Love

2) Get Outta Dodge: Bosco Delrey

3) Revolution: Dr. John

4) A Lonely Jew On Christmas:  (4 & 5) The University of Wisconsin Mad Hatters
5) Don't Stop Me Now

6) Goin' to the Party: Alabama Shakes

7) Aw Ah Ah Ah (Party Cakes): Dan Deacon

8) (All I Wanted Was) Danger: The Milk

9) Year of Living Dangerously: Scissor Sisters  

10) Burn it Down: AWOLNATION

11) Abducted: Cults

12) A Truly Happy Ending: Junior Boys

13) Terrified: Among Savages

14) The Wave: Animal Kingdom

15) Circles: Apparat

16) Z: Tanlines

17) A Spool of Thread: House of Waters

18) Crystal Ball: J.K & Co.

19) Winston Cigarette Commercial: Allen Smithee

20) Non-Alcoholic Beverage: Dusty Springfield

21) Commando spatial (Space Patrol): Virginie Rodin

22) (There's) Always Something There to Remind Me: Sandie Shaw

23) Frosty the Snowman- The Ronettes

24) Medicine Spoon: Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics

25) Christmas: Rouge Wave (btw I didn't make this 25 on purpose..weird coincidence, I swear)

26) Happy Days: Doran Danoff

27) Home Again: Michael Kiwanuka

28) Without You: Eddie Vedder

29) This is Not the End: Clare Maguire 

30) Lonesome is Humanity: Olafur I Hvarfi

31) Farewell and Goodnight: Birdy

Disclaimer: To artists/musicians reading this, if you are on this CD.  All songs are purchased on I tunes (and always have been as long as I've been making these mixes).  You can look in my I tunes library..all the songs are there.  I do not sell or promote this CD for sale/monetary value.  I burn these CD's legally and give them to friends.  They listen, and hopefully go onto I tunes or the music store and purchase the whole entire CD.  The point is to expose friends to new music and connect people through music.  None of this is done for commercial or $$ purpose! 

Rockin' and rollin',


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