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Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear Mr. President (abridged)

Dear President Obama,

I am sure you get boatloads of mail daily, but I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and why I have made a commitment to vote for you in November 2012.

I have respected your declaration to the American people in being able to get what they want by their own wits and merits. Of course, we should help one another and become involved in community service and grassroots activism. However, it is also true that currently too many American citizens are dependent on blaming others instead of looking at their own role when the job does not get done. If more people on being self-sufficient and selfless at the same time, then maybe our society would be much better off.

I have great respect for your strategies, especially in terms of health care. The current situation is not working, and what many Republicans and GOP candidates have in mind will not work either. We cannot afford to let insurance companies call the shots and make decisions instead of doctors. I cannot tell you about the amount of times that I have gone to the pharmacy in need of a refill, but having to wait until a certain period of time has transpired because that’s what my insurance allows.

I believe that so-called “Obamacare” will eliminate all of the clowning around that occurs such as in my case and thousands of others. Socializing health care will make benefits available to everyone, regardless of economic status. Health care is a basic human right and need. There is no reason that individuals should not be able to receive medical care or important medication because of not having insurance.

I also want to relay to you about the fact that I am unemployed, and have been since last summer. I have been a teacher for six years; I have a master’s in Education. So, I have joined the ranks of the overeducated who sit waiting for jobs to open up. No one is hiring people in my category since, from their end, there must be something wrong with me if I don’t have a job. However, I have done nothing except excel in my field and hold an outstanding set of credentials. It makes me sad to hear that the field of education needs people like me, yet, I cannot find a job with my teaching experience and expertise. I believe that your goals in tackling both education and unemployment will help people like myself.

You and the First Lady believe in allowing children of all backgrounds to receive an outstanding education, with top-notch educators. I not only respect this, but I vehemently agree. The current state of teaching to a test has weeded out many talented teachers. Not only this, but it makes education rote and mundane. Education should be inspirational and teachers should go above and beyond their call of duty. However, because of low salary/benefits and our society’s low appreciation of teachers, many people either leave teaching or are dissuaded away from it. Not anyone can be a teacher; only special individuals who have a passion to lead positively can become teachers. My hope is that the current education crisis becomes a major topic of debate, and that we ask educators to take part in the conversation, not just bureaucrats and businessmen.

I also have faith that under your leadership that our economy will improve. I hope we can build infrastructure domestically and recall many of the jobs we have sent overseas. Outsourcing jobs has caused a litany of issues, and now we live in an employment nightmare. There are so many professionals and educated individuals without jobs. People are not unemployed because they didn’t go to school. It is just the opposite.

President Obama, I thank you for your time in reading this. I tell you these things, not in the hope that you can just fix them. But I do want you to be aware of my story, and know why I will be one of millions voting for you in the fall. I am just another American citizen. However, I wanted you to put a face to your campaign and know that I will contribute however little or however much I can to help you get re-elected. I would hand out fliers and wear placards to voice why people should support you in the oncoming election. I even try to convince all of my fellow Jewish friends to give their support, as I do believe that you are a true friend of Israel (despite many critiques).

We cannot afford to have a GOP candidate leading our country, especially in our current set of crises both domestically and abroad. I consider myself to be an independent in that I vote for the candidate who will lead our country well for the precise moment and exact present time. Mr. Obama, you are that man for the next four years. I support and salute you, President Obama.



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