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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Babe loves bacon!

Normally, I wouldn't post things from 'The View' but their 'hot topics' are always interesting (especially when Whoopi Goldberg opens her mouth..she's amazing!). Also, I found this on Youtube at trying to find a song a friend of mine wrote about Rick Santorum and his views on feminism. As you know, he had gotten heat lately because he said that modern working women who are also feminists have pushed all women to work. However, we also know that today's definition of feminism is very different from when Betty Friedan wrote 'The Feminine Mystique' or when NOW was started up by her and later presided over by Patricia Ireland. Nowadays, feminism tries to include women of all parts of society: rich and poor, black and white, gay and straight, working and non, etc. However, a large percentage of women favor Rick Santorum and his backwards views on womanhood and what their role in our society is and should be.

The reason I am so alarmed, obviously, is because 2012 is a VERY big year for politics. This time around there is a lot on the line, too much if you ask me. The economy is in the shitter, we are facing an environmental crisis, countries like Syria, Iran, and N. Korea are more toxic than ever, marriage equality and abortion issues are on the table, and many Americans are fed up with the status quo.

So, now more than ever, it is crucial for people to be informed and get out there to vote. However, the choices we have for the presidency really scare me. I'm not talking about me or many of my friends (because I know who they and I will vote for..that doesn't worry me). What worries me is that many people will make choices either based on ignorance, blindness, or sheer stupidity (or all three).

Now, I'm not advocating for an intellectual elite to only have the right to vote, although that is very tempting. What I would hope is that people would read read read, and look at multiple sources. However, in the days of technology (if you read my last entry) we know that people have become lazier than ever. Also, in the 'Google Age', information is fast and furious (but often inaccurate). However, there are many people (more adults than children) who do not know how to sift through the information they receive online.

Many Americans tune into Fox News as a sole source, but I'm not going to sit here and just bash them. There are liberal and conservative sources that are guilty of playing the blame game and taking one side. They paint the other side as the 'evil' ones. This isn't much different than what natives did to colonists when discovering new lands. The indigenous people often told the European explorers that the people on the other side of the island were 'barbarians' and 'cannibals'. However, you would find that the other islanders would say the same thing about the first group of natives as well. Who was right? Ask the unlucky colonist sitting in a roasted human stew.

The same is true today in the world of politics, right? Hindsight is only ever 50/50. Maybe we're damned to vote for Democrats or Republicans. However, I know one thing, and that is we are definitely damned under the leadership of any GOP candidate. Actually, let's refer to them as 'GOP(igs)'.

I mean let's look at the list of losers (both recent past and present).

1) 'Bat Shit Crazy' Michele 'Pray Away' Bachmann
2) Herman 'Don Juan' Cain 'The Insane'
4) 'Greedy Beady Seedy' Newt 'Nuthouse' Gingrich
5) 'Slick Rick' Mitt 'The Masshole' Romney
6) 'Shit for Brains' Rick 'Google it' Santorum
7) Jon 'too honest and blunt' Huntsman

The last choice here is the least insane, but sadly, he was too normal for anyone to pay any attention to. That, and many of his views made some kind of sense. What I really do not understand is women who vote for any of these crazy idiots (aside from Michelle least you'd have the excuse of being in the 'Ya-Ya' sisterhood together). Most of the others, however, treat women like disposable contact lenses. You use them for the day, and throw them away when you're finished.

We know about Herman Cain and his womanizing ways. That's what ousted him from the race. Gingrich, however, left TWO wives (who were both sick) for someone more healthy (ie. attractive). He is a slimeball. When you look up greedy fat Republican pig in the dictionary, you see his little oink oink face. Let's just say I'm not a big fan of his. However, he doesn't really seem to have much of a chance these days. He is too busy talking about moon missions and taking away unemployment benefits. Because, seriously, people who are unemployed should just get off their lazy ass and stop getting money for doing nothing all day.

Then there's Rick Santorum. Where should I begin? He wants all women in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, fixing a five course meal. For some reason, though, he has gained numbers among women namely because of his views on abortion, birth control, and neonatal care. *1 So, women should have their babies (regardless of the situation) and not only that but the government should not get involved. Okay, so what about the millions of women who are uninsured. What about them?

Well, I guess something makes him a hit with Republican women, as his numbers have gone up 13 points since January and he has 57% of women backing him as a candidate. Scary, huh? What I don't get is how these women don't see through him and his clear craziness. Susan B. Anthony and the women of Seneca Falls are rolling in their grave as we speak; what did they fight for, after all?

As you may know, Santorum believes that birth control use among women leads to adulterous behavior (however, Viagra doesn't do this). Also, the government should not pay for the screening of infants at conception because when women learn of there being serious health problems, then they choose to abort. What the hell is wrong with this man? He advocates 'life' and 'family', but has he had to deal with a child with serious health/mental issues? Has he ever been raped? What about the 98% of Catholic women who have use or currently use birth control? *1

I mean, I think I speak for the majority of humans when I say that most people: 1) do not want 17 children, 2) are ill-equipped to deal with the consequences of life threatening/altering health ailments (for mother or child) and 3) rape and incest are not 'normative' circumstances. 'A child is not a choice', okay, but how can you say you stand for life and then contradict yourself? So every baby should be born regardless of the situation. Then who pays for it all? Not everyone lives a life where insurance flips the bill for most procedures.

If you ask me, Rick Santorum is a major PIG! He is totally out of touch with reality. I just really do not understand at all why any woman, Republican or not would agree with this clown.

I guess that leaves Mitt Romney, but you know what? Even though he was a bad word in the state of Massachusetts while I lived there for three years, he is more feasible than Santorum or Gingrich. BY A LONG SHOT! I'm not saying Romney would win against Barak Obama (actually I'm hoping any GOP doesn't). I just know that the security and safety of the future does not lie in the hands of any of the GOP (great oppressive pigs) running for the presidency.

I will leave you with a clip from one of my good friends ( this post is dedicated to her), who is singing a little ditty on her ukulele about Rick Santorum and feminists (Zooey Deschanel, eat your heart out!)


Peace out,




Laura said...

Hey Rafi! Its Laura, your STL uke friend. First of all, my greatest issue with Rick and most of his GOP pals is they have the audacity to make decisions for me and my lady parts! They claim that they can make this decision without the help of an actual woman because in their eyes, we aren't bright enough, chaste enough, or MAN-ENOUGH to make sound choices about our bodies. They use the morality issue when focusing on birthday control even though it is statically proven family planning creates healthier children, healthier families, and stronger communities. I'm not ready to support a child emotionally or financially, and neither is my boyfriend, whom I've been with for three years. We love each other and are making goals for our future, and when we are ready, we will take the steps necessary to bring a child into this world. Morally, in their minds birth control and abortion is wrong, but I think it is morally wrong to force a woman to bring a life into this world that she cannot provide for...I used to see this everyday when I worked for St. Louis Public. Kids with young mothers who can't provide so these kids are jaded and uneducated. Rick Santorum scares the shit out of me with his backwards sentiments.

Now, I would take another look at Ron Paul. Ron is not as bad as the rest of them (its his son that's morally bankrupt). He advocates for equal rights, including gay marriage, wants to end the wars completely by pulling out troops out, and legalize marijuana and tax it to help lower our national debt. The problem with Ron Paul is that his views are a little out there so he will never win the republican ticket.

So its either Mitt, the elitist suite, or Rick, the religious nut job. Both are scary with huge consequences if elected.

Anonymous said...

"Space Junkie" is pretty good! Good sound. The White Lies sound good in that brooding way. I'm not a fan of the 80s synth sound of the earlier band because I heard that kind of music throughout college and I just don't like it anymore. But good luck to them. The local ShopRite plays so much 80s synth pop that I will bet they shop there.